TELA-Cが初めて”REGGAEのSOUND”というものを知ったのは、中学生の時に同級生から借りた1本のカセットテープがきっかけだった。当時、”REGGAEといえばBOB MARLEY”という認識の中、レコードを回しMCを入れて盛り上げるSOUNDというものをそのテープで知り、大きな衝撃を受けた。それからREGGAEのDANCEやEVENTに遊びに行くようになり、さらにターンテーブルとミキサーを手に入れ、レコード屋に通いだすようになる。そして、今度は自分がREGGAEを回すようになっていった。

人前でやる事が多くなり、本格的に名前を決めて自分でSOUNDをやろうと決心し、1994年に横浜で”INFINITY16”を結成する。それと同時に、当時カセットで聞いた本場JAMAICAのSOUNDを生で感じたいと思い、同年に単身JAMAICAへ初めて渡る。そして音楽や文化、沢山の人々と交流し、本物のSOUND、そしてJAMAICAを実際に肌で感じ大きな影響を受ける。初めて”DUB PLATE”を手に入れたのもこの時だった。

1ヶ月の滞在を経て、そこで得た経験を持ち帰り、日本での活動を再開する。それからまた日本とJAMAICAを往復するうち、JAMAICAでの長期滞在を求め、準備を始める。そして1998年、JAMAICAへ旅立つ。JAMAICAでしばらく滞在し、さらにはNEW YORKのREGGAEシーンからも影響を受けて、JAMAICAとNEW YORKを往復し、約4年間の滞在を経て、2002年に日本に帰国する。


TELA-Cの帰国直後、自身が主宰するDANCEをはじめ、国内のBIG DANCEやSOUND CLASH、海外ARTISTとの共演や夏の野外フェスティバルにも多数呼ばれ、そのアグレッシブなSTYLEの練度を増していく。そして2004年の12月には川崎CLUB CITTA’で『10TH ANNIVERSARY』を開催し、さらに同年、国内SOUND CLASHでのNO.1を獲得する。2005年には自身のSOUND SYSTEMが完成し、全国21ヶ所に及ぶ『REAL WARRIORS TOUR』を敢行。2006年12月には『12TH ANNIVERSARY』を敢行し、川崎CLUB CITTA’史上最高動員数を記録し大成功を遂げた。

そして2007年3月、NEW YORKで行われた世界NO.1を決めるSOUND CLASHに日本代表として出場し、AWAYの中で見事優勝を果たし、遂に世界に名を知らしめる事になる。同年4月に国内で、UNIVERSAL MUSICと契約を結び、INFINITY16の初プロデュース・シングル”DREAM LOVER”をリリース。湘南乃風、MINMI、MOOMINといった、REGGAEシーンのみならず日本の音楽シーンでも重要な位置を占める豪華ARTIST達が集結し、REGGAE SOUNDとしてORICON WEEKLY CHARTで第10位を獲得する。REGGAE SOUNDの初登場TOP10入りは史上初の快挙であり、SOUNDの新たな可能性を生み出す事に成功した。さらに、”真夏のオリオン”、”ジェラシー”、”DREAM BELIEVER”、”線香花火”、”侍ノ詩”、”伝えたい事がこんなあるのに”、”真冬のオリオン”、”DYNAMITE”、数えきれない程のHIT曲を生み出して来た。



The first time Tela-c met with the “reggae sound” was back middle school,when he borrowed one cassette tepe from his classmate. During that time,his image of reggae was Bob Marley but the cassette tape’s sound introduced him to a wider view. The new sound influenced him to go clubbing and visit events. But after a while,Just going out did not satisfy him but made him buy a turning table and a mixer,visiting every record store in town. This is the beginning where he stared to play the record in clubs and events.

After playing over and over again,in the year 1994,he recognized the sound of “INFINITY16″. At the same time,in the same year,he wanted to give out the real jamaican sound and flew abroad aline. There he touches the music,the culture,and interacted with a lot of people,the”real”Jamaican sound. The first Dub Plate was made at this time.

After visiting Jamaica for one month,he brought back the experience to Japan and started playing again. Time to time he went back to Jamaica but every stay was too short so he decided to travel to Jamaica for a longer time,he got ready for a long trip and left Japan.

During his trip,he also visited the Jamaican culture in New York and came back to Japan in 2002. His experience and knowledge connected back in Japan and made him succeed to influence the sound in even bigger events. This is when INFINITY16 dramatically grew to a bigger sound. But Tela-c’s experience was not the only reason the sound grew,it was his members that he was with back then.

The members are big artists right now,”GOKI” and “Shounan-no-kaze”. It is easy to imagine that they have deep connections. They have known each other since teenage years and have been experiencing many things with each other,”the bond”. After coming back to Japan,he not only started his events but was asked to visit BIG DANCE and SOUND CLASH where artists from abroad also prayed,and festivals which were held outdoors in the summer. But interacting with many people,the aggressive style of the sound even grew.

And in December of 2004,in Kawasaki CLUB CITTA’ they held their 10th Anniversary event and in the event SOUND CLASH,they were recognized as the number 1 sound. In 2005,the sound had a toru visiting 21 prefectures,”REAL WARRIORS TOUR. In December of 2006,in kawasaki CLUB CITTA’ they held their 12th Anniversary event which recorded the highest turnout for the first time. In March of 2007,in New York where the NUMBER ONE SOUND CLASH was held,”GARRISON SHOWDOWN”,even though there were challengers representing Japan,was able to be recognized number one and signaled out the presence of their sound worldwide.

In the same year in April,they made a contract with UNIVERSAL MUSIC and released a single,”DREAM LOVER”. Where the top reggae representing artists shounan-no-kaze,MINMI,and MOOMIN are around,INFINITY16 was able to hit the top 10 on the ORICON WEEKLY CHART as the REGGAE SOUND. This impacted the potential of the sound in the reggae scene. In the same year in December,they were able to succeed in the SOUND SYSTEM. Their obsessiveness to the sound never stops and keeps on going. INFINITY16 will keep on growing with high standard goals and creativities towards their work will grow the music of Reggae. INFINITY16 is not measurable and will always be acting over out imagination carrying a sense of infinity potential.